If you want Barcode labels to print automatically at any point, you can use a combination of SYSPRO and SQL triggers to produce XML to send to BarTender or Zebra XML enabled printers.

For example:

Purchase Order Receipt

On Receipt the system can print one or more of the following labels:

Item Job Labels – These are for when a receipted item has been ordered for a Job. They will contain Job data such as Job Number, Customer, Date Required etc. The data can be displayed as readable text or as a barcode (or both).

Item Labels – These contain StockCode specific data such as StockCode, Description, Purchase Order, GRN, Date Received, Supplier, Location etc. One attached to each Item.

Item Box Labels – Same as Item Labels but for when a StockCode is stored in a different UOM than it is used (usually small items).


Job Receipt

Job Labels – Labels created when a Job is booked in to Stock. If the Item is for Stock, Label contains all relevant StockCode / Job details. If the Item is for a Sales Order Line, all the relevant data is printed.

WIP Issue

Job Item Labels – Labels created when a StockCode is issued to a Job containing all the relevant Job data. Useful for Stores are picking for an Engineer’s Job.

To automate label printing, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Identify your trigger points
  • Configure the SYSPRO or SQL Triggers
  • Create SYSPRI Custom Form Fields to hold the Label data
  • Create SQL Views to compile the data
  • If logic is required, use VBScript or SQL to determine which Label is to be generated
  • Generate XML for BarTender or Zebra printer

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